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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is an extremely difficult drug to get off because of the withdrawals that are not as profound as those from opiates, like heroin or OxiContin, but are chronic in nature; meaning that the person my think that they are merely tired or exhausted, but their bodies are trying to adjust to a routine metabolism that is not being boosted by periods of cocaine or crack use.

The most severe side-effect is the urges or cravings to violate all of the resolutions that have been made to not do the drug again. Every cocaine or crack addict can tell you about the many times that they have said "This is the last time that I will ever use this drug!" They know that they can't survive well and continue buying and using cocaine and crack, but invariably, they will go against their decision and find themselves buying and using again and again.

This pattern causes the addict to believe that he isn't in control of his life, which unfortunately, carries over into the other areas of his existence. His self-image is diminished and he begins to have less determinism over all aspects of his life. This is what leads a person to committing crimes and other behaviors that he would have never done otherwise.

The problem with detoxing from cocaine and crack is that an addicted person can go for weeks and even months without using and still be having the cravings, depression and tiredness that is connected to his earlier cocaine use. This is why the only real way to get past these problems that are related to detoxing off of cocaine and crack is to do a thorough biophysical detox. If that is available or accessible, then the recovering addicts certainly has to take the proper vitamins and minerals that will help repair the damage that has come from his earlier use.

Cocaine Detox

The biophysical detox removes all of the toxins from the body and is done through a sauna purification where the cocaine addict is put through a regimen of vitamins, exercise and a sauna baths to cleanse the body of all residues left behind from the cocaine and crack. This process also gets the dopamine (a neuro-chemical produced in the brain for pleasure) receptors in the brain producing normal amounts of this hormone and establishing a chemical balance that can sustain normal thinking and functioning. When the full cocaine detox process is complete it will make sure there are no cravings, and that the individual will feel positive and able to be himself again.

What if I do stay away from the cocaine and crack, will I finally be okay?

The answer is "yes", bud the time it takes to finally be okay is a matter of months and even years. In fact, the residues from these drugs actually have shown their effects up to ten years after a person quit using. Of course, one's life is certainly more stable and functional without the routine use of cocaine and crack, and it may seem as though you are functioning normally because you have been in this condition for so long. However, people that have had years of "clean time" and then choose to do a biophysical detox find a remarkable difference in their mental abilities and even in the physical coordination.

One case had been free of cocaine use of over ten years, but was continually having migraine headaches and was no longer participating in any recreational sports because of his inability to do as well as he once had. After complete a thorough detox, the headaches disappeared and he was able to again enjoy athletic activities.

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